[ic] [if [scratch variablename]

Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Sun Feb 25 01:47:16 EST 2007


See the right square bracket in red?

[if [scratch weightofoption] ]
   [seti weight][summary amount='[scratch weightofoption]'][/seti]
   [if-item-field weight]
   [seti weight][summary amount=`[item-quantity] * [item-field

Well I can get this code to work with or without that right bracket.
However if I add the right bracket it shows in my html (as errors do).

But leaving it out is ungrammatical right?

Is this a bug, or it it just because I live down under and break all the

For those who are interested I created a new custom Options::Simple
module which shows discount prices for options:


The code above sets option weights for cart and checkout,


Frank Reitzenstein.

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