[ic] Error when trying to login

Tommy Pruitt tpruitt at pruittcom.com
Thu Jan 4 12:09:40 EST 2007

>>Quoting Tommy Pruitt (tpruitt at pruittcom.com):
>> All users get the following error when trying to login.  Both web
>> accounts and admin accounts.
>> Bad structure in accounts: Bad structure in accounts: syntax error at
>> (eval 352) line 1, near "'" syntax error at (eval 352) line 2, at EOF
>> Missing right curly or square bracket at (eval 352) line 2, at end of
>> line
>Undoubtedly a Windows or Mac text editor editing userdb.txt, then
>uploading/downloading the file and screwing up the line endings.
>Kill all the accounts entries (which will kill all the saved billing
>addresses, but they are probably dead anyway):
>	update userdb set accounts='';
>Be prepared to do the same for address_book, carts, and preferences.
>Mike Heins

Of course you are right.  And I'm the DA that did that knowing that it
would screw something up.  I didn't change the userdb.txt file though.
It was the stinkin' catalog.cfg and the interchange.cfg files.  The
update... didn't work.  It wants more information.


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