[ic] Interpolating sql results

graham hadgraft graham.hadgraft at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 05:01:38 EST 2007

I have a sql-field which along with text contains interchange tags. e.g.

this text is [filter keyword]filtered[/filter]

Where the keyword filter creates a link using the contained word.

The filter works outside of the sql-param tag and creates a link
however this filter exists in the text of an sql field and when i
print the sql-results like the following.

[query type=list sql=|SOME QUERY|]
     [sql-param fieldname]

it prints the text [filter keyword] and [/filter] rather than running
the filter.

I have tried placing interpolate=1 in both the query tag and the
sql-param tag neither would run the filter.

The query and the filter work just not together.  How can i get it to
run the filter before returning the contents of the field

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