[ic] Postgres + Debian error

Rene Hertell interchange at hertell.com
Wed Jan 10 17:41:45 EST 2007

Kevin Walsh wrote:

> Are you using "indirect_login"?  If so then the problem might be in 
> this code in Vend::UserDB (starting from line 1684 in IC 5.5.0):

I'm not using the indirect_login yet, cause I'm still testing that my
catalog would work as error-free as possible

> if($foreign) { $udb->set_field( $self->{USERNAME}, $foreign, 
> $self->{PASSED_USERNAME}, ) or die errmsg("Database access error."); 
> }
> I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the password ($pw) should
> be saved as part of that call to set_field().  Perhaps using
> set_slice() instead of set_field().
> Either that or, better still, the following lines should be moved so
> that they are run before the code quoted above, instead of
> immediately after:
> my $pass = $udb->set_field( $self->{USERNAME}, 
> $self->{LOCATION}{PASSWORD}, $pw, );
> die errmsg("Database access error.") . "\n" unless defined $pass;
> That's just a gut feeling, by the way.  I haven't tested the theory.

I'll patch those lines and I'll check if I'll get that part to work.
I'll let you guys know about that asap.

> Let me officially be the last person to wish you a happy 2007 and,
> most likely, be the the first person to wish you a happy 2008. :-)

Thanks! And just to be sure that i'll don't forget some of the holidays
before 2008, I'll whish you all a Happy Easter, Happy Halloween and also
 a Merry X-mas! ;-)


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