[ic] Mike Heins Image table hash maker revisited

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Fri Jan 12 15:22:45 EST 2007

Hello List

I invite people interested to revisit this:


I am wondering if this is still feasible, and if it can be done in a way -
for files in general, not just images. I have always ass-u-me'd that storing
things in files is efficient as opposed to storing files in a table
(overhead?). I am probably wrong, but something seems scary in a table that
is huge... GB's??

Maybe I am wrong and maybe Mikes proposal would be a benefit to those who
would like to better manage and store files. I know I, myself am getting
into storing files of all types, and already do, in tables *and* on the file

I do have two questions. Does this system only benefit those that have
1000's of files, and if so, does it degrade performance to those who only
need it for management of hundreds? My goal is more for file management and
scalability as opposed to speeding up lookups of long directory lists . It
appears with this method that one could add an indiscriminant amount of
additional product images/files not worrying about files names and only
having a items/ and thumbs/ dir correct?

Does anyone care to comment on how this proposal can be of yet unmentioned
benefit to one? I can see the obvious benefits however I think I am aloof to
the downsides.

At any rate, I was thinking maybe we can turn this into a Community Project
that hopefully won't suffer the fate of the Paypal community project (Paul
ducks as he see Mike pick up a rock) <G>

I'd pledge $400 plus I'll fully document it into the RTFM documizer.

Other community projects include Paypal and Google checkout! Speak up if you
are interested!

Paul Jordan

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