[ic] Payment.pm, Authorize.Net and wget

drtester at netzero.com drtester at netzero.com
Thu Jan 18 13:10:26 EST 2007

-- havoc <havoc at havoc.org> wrote:
On Thursday 18 January 2007 10:13, drtester at netzero.com wrote:
> > This produces the following error:
> > Real-time charge FAILED. Reason: payment routine 'authorizenet'
> > returned error: Cannot read wget status from
> >
> > /usr/lib/interchange/catalogs/frabill/tmp/wget/u/uTqemEQ6.wget.stat:
>  > No such file or directory
> > On /usr/lib/interchange/catalogs/frabill/tmp/wget,
> > make sure this exists: -----------------^^^^^^^^^

> It does, that's where the empty files are created.

What version of wget are you using?  I found I had to get pretty much
the latest and greatest before it would work.  I am currently using v1.9.1.

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