[ic] apply changes --> apply changes request

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Mon Jan 22 18:22:10 EST 2007


I have had a problem with the apply changes link in the admin area.  The
problem is as follows.  If someone from one catalog hits the apply
changes link, the Linkpoint payment gateway breaks on EVERY other
catalog on my entire server that uses it. The only way to fix all the
catalogs after that is for me to shell in as interch an restart IC.  As
a result, I have decided to kill the ability for anyone to "apply
changes" no matter who they are.  I will instead give them the ability
to "request to apply changes".

My question is: is there a way to notify people when they are making
changes to any area in their catalogs which require them to "apply
changes" in order to take affect?

In other words, I would like to limit all my catalog administrators to
only be able to make changes to areas of the catalogs that don't require
them to apply changes.  If they need to apply changes in order for their
work to take affect, I would like to notify them with a message before
the do any work so they know that they have to ask for a restart before
their work is live.

This is bad, and I would rather not do this, but I don't see any other
way around this problem right now.  If anybody has a fix for this
Linkpoint issue please let me know. but I can't have people in one
catalog applying changes and breaking every other catalog on my server!!
My last resort is to kill the apply changes link altogether, which will
lead to confusion and bad karma... 


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