[ic] PaypalExpress.pm: improvements

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Jul 6 10:11:07 EDT 2007

On 07/06/2007 06:56 AM, Ton Verhagen wrote:
> Dear All,
> When using Lyn's PaypalExpress.pm payment module we
> encountered frequent problems connecting to PayPal.
> Many errors like the one below were written to the error.log file:
> 500 Can't connect to api-3t.paypal.com:443 (Bad hostname
> 'api-3t.paypal.com')
> In order to improve stability/reliability I added a retry mechanism on
> every soap call made to PayPal.
> The default number of retries has been set to 3, but will be
> made configurable later.

That's great, but do you have a way to make sure that the payment didn't
go through in the failed connection (ie, paypal getting the request but
you not getting the response)?  Otherwise you'll have customers getting
double and triple charges.

Also, my first reaction to that error would be to resolve your
nameserver issues.


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