[ic] PaypalExpress.pm: improvements

Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Fri Jul 6 20:42:30 EDT 2007

Ton Verhagen wrote:

> Dear All,
> When using Lyn's PaypalExpress.pm payment module we
> encountered frequent problems connecting to PayPal.
> Many errors like the one below were written to the error.log file:
> 500 Can't connect to api-3t.paypal.com:443 (Bad hostname
> 'api-3t.paypal.com')
> In order to improve stability/reliability I added a retry mechanism on
> every soap call made to PayPal.
> The default number of retries has been set to 3, but will be
> made configurable later.
> Anyone who would like to test this patch is invited to contact me
> and I will send the patched PaypalExpress.pm module to you.
> Many thanks guys !
> Best regards,
> Ton
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Hello Ton,

I have permanently solved all PayPal related issues. When I sold this


They promptly closed my account and would not enter into a dialogue. As
it turns out the issue was over pharmaceutical growth hormone, whereas
this is a homeopathic remedy. The double speak in their replies was
beyond belief.

I had to ship an order a day for 30 days before I was ready to recover

They still sent me very authoritarian emails much later (after I
accepted payments through my bank) so I sent them an email:

**** off.

They have not replied since. I also closed both ebay acounts, and
politely reminded ebay that subsequent promotional emails require an
"opt out" link by law.

I heard about this before it happened to me.

Be warned.


Frank Reitzenstein.

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