[ic] image upload widget for a new table other than products

Ton Verhagen tverhagen at alamerce.nl
Wed Jul 11 03:18:27 EDT 2007

Quoting Tom Friedel:
>I have a newtable and want to use the "Image Upload/imagehelper" 
>widget.  I have tried every possible setting in the meta tag area 
>including in the 'Special to imagehelper widget' and all I ever see is
>/cgi-bin/shutters/admin/flex_editor myfile.jpg is not a file.
>Offhand anyone know what is going on?

Have you set the value 'Allow file upload for this table' to yes
on the General Tab of the Meta data settings for the table?

You can find it here:
When you have a table selected in the admin there is a
link on top of the page (just below the menu tabs) that
reads 'Select for table edit: your table name'.
Click this link and go to the general Tab.

Good luck !

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