[ic] Help the n00b! what's up with http://http//"IP.ADDRESS.HERE"/cgi-bin/ic/"StoreName"/

Chris Moore sporqster at msn.com
Thu Jul 12 16:23:58 EDT 2007

A co-worker convinced me that I should use interchange to run my internet
retail experiment. Wow powerful software. Wow am I over my head. I'm a
mechanical gearhead, not a programmer - but I like to think of myself as
competent behind a computer.

After spending a lot of time and getting some help, I did manage to get the
standard store up and running on an Ubuntu box, see

Woohoo, so I got to writing little macros to migrate all my inventory into
interchange - and I've got a good 6k or so SKU's in there complete with
pictures. Other than that, I have done very little to the standard store.

I noticed that everything other than the store main page was pointing to the
internal IP address (thus did not work out of network), and I found in the
interchange administration where the locations were set, under the table
'variable' fields 'SAMPLEURL', 'SECURE_SERVER', and 'SERVER_NAME'. I changed
all these to my static IP address thinking that would
fix the problem until I transfer my domain name over from godaddy. This was
apparently a bad idea, as the address for all the links started beginning
with "http://http//72.149....."  Oops -I must've made a typo- where's the
":" and why the doubling there? I go back into the admin mode by manually
tweaking the address bar and check my work - no I had actually put in the
":". But I apparently can't fix it now because it won't save with the
setting wrong using the interchange console.  Help!!! 

Another issue that has been covered here a dozen times, but I really need a
lot of hand holding to fix:

I am still running a threaded perl -5.8.8 and I am relatively clueless as to
where or how to get an unthreaded version. 


(912) 644 2659 (before 4:30 eastern)
TOLL FREE (888) 897 5309 (after 5 eastern)

PS - If someone is willing to walk me through this using VNC to fix things,
I could probably offer you a free woot monkey or USB drive or something cool
to make it worth your while.

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