[ic] Help the n00b! what's up with http://http//"IP.ADDRESS.HERE"/cgi-bin/ic/"StoreName"/

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Thu Jul 12 16:37:55 EDT 2007

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> A co-worker convinced me that I should use interchange to run my
> internet
> retail experiment. Wow powerful software. Wow am I over my head. I'm a
> mechanical gearhead, not a programmer - but I like to think of myself
> as
> competent behind a computer.
> After spending a lot of time and getting some help, I did manage to get
> the
> standard store up and running on an Ubuntu box, see
> Woohoo, so I got to writing little macros to migrate all my inventory
> into
> interchange - and I've got a good 6k or so SKU's in there complete with
> pictures. Other than that, I have done very little to the standard
> store.
> I noticed that everything other than the store main page was pointing
> to the
> internal IP address (thus did not work out of network), and I found in
> the
> interchange administration where the locations were set, under the
> table
> 'variable' fields 'SAMPLEURL', 'SECURE_SERVER', and 'SERVER_NAME'. I
> changed
> all these to my static IP address thinking that
> would
> fix the problem until I transfer my domain name over from godaddy. This
> was
> apparently a bad idea, as the address for all the links started
> beginning
> with "http://http//72.149....."  Oops -I must've made a typo- where's
> the
> ":" and why the doubling there? 

SERVER_NAME should have been without the http:// in front of your IP number.

If you know your way around the command line environment of your machine,
find your catalog directory and look for the variable.txt file (in /<path to
your catalog>/products/variable.txt) .. Here you will find SERVER_NAME,
change it manually and restart/reconfigure Interchange ("apply changes" in
the admin menu). This should fix that problem.

I go back into the admin mode by
> manually
> tweaking the address bar and check my work - no I had actually put in
> the
> ":". But I apparently can't fix it now because it won't save with the
> setting wrong using the interchange console.  Help!!!
> Another issue that has been covered here a dozen times, but I really
> need a
> lot of hand holding to fix:
> I am still running a threaded perl -5.8.8 and I am relatively clueless
> as to
> where or how to get an unthreaded version.

I believe you'd have to download and compile your own perl (with the correct
commandline options to make it non-threaded) in that case and put it in a
different location than your installed Perl version. After that you'd have
to run the whole perl Makefile stuff using the new perl (so
/<pathtonewperl>/perl Makefile; make; make test; make install ... makecat
etc ... 

But if you are not experienced with installing Perl, you can probably just
run Interchange on the threaded Perl version. Better to get some experience
first with Interchange and once it really starts to become a problem with
stability etc, then you could always go for setting things up with
unthreaded Perl. But perhaps the more guru like people have a better idea
about this.



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