[ic] Can't loose odd error message

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Wed Jul 18 11:39:08 EDT 2007

On 07/18/2007 06:47 AM, Chris Gamache wrote:
> On 7/18/07, Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org> wrote:
>> On 07/17/2007 09:05 PM, Chris Gamache wrote:
>> > No match found for mode 'UPS_GROUND', quantity '', returning 0.No
>> > match found for mode 'USPS', quantity '', returning 0.
>> Check the country and state tables.
> I checked country.txt and state.txt ... nothing there.
> I checked the database tables, and that's where they were!
> How do I get interchange to rebuild those tables from the text files?

Delete the .sql files for those tables.  Make sure the text files are
correct as it will dump and re-create the table.


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