[ic] How to create another page in interchange?

N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Tue Jul 24 22:16:45 EDT 2007

> Hi,
> I have a question about interchange and I am not a programmer 
> or anything 
> like that.
> I know that interchange is an open source e-commerce.
> We have the default menu on top of our website : Home, Log 
> In, Your cart, 
> Check Out, Service, About Us.
> We want to add one more menu or you can call it a page on top of our 
> website.
> We want to add FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on top of our 
> website and we 
> want to put that after About Us.
> I do not know how to add that using interchange admin.  Would 
> you please 
> tell me how to do it?
> I know there is something that we can do using interchange 
> admin, but we 
> just do not know about programming.  Please explain it as 
> clear as possible. I'd really appreciate your help. Thank You.
> Freddy

Hi Freddy,

You may want to start analysing the Content & Menu tabs in the admin UI.
will lead you to various things and findings that will be necessary for
your site.

Compare the found informations with the actual files from the catalog
The Content TAB will lead you in the pages, templates, components, found
in catroot/pages, 

The Menus TAB will lead you in 2 places, catroot/variables and

If you open the found files with a text editor, you'll find tags that
you can then 
lookup on the site and in the manual. Then you'll understand better how
it all works together.

The easy way is to create a new page, and once you put stuff (say Hello)
in it, save it, publish it, 
 and confirm that it's working when accessing directly, add a menu item
in the desired menu and 
point to that page in the target field. Save the menu and publish it,
done! Your Menu item 
should be LIVE and pointing to the new page.

Good luck

Martin H.
N.E.S.T. Solutions

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