[ic] How to create another page in interchange?

Greg Hanson greg at perusion.com
Wed Jul 25 14:15:15 EDT 2007

Ferdiman Susanto wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question about interchange and I am not a programmer or
> anything like that.
> I know that interchange is an open source e-commerce.
> We have the default menu on top of our website : Home, Log In, Your
> cart, Check Out, Service, About Us.
> We want to add one more menu or you can call it a page on top of our
> website.
> We want to add FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on top of our website
> and we want to put that after About Us.
> I do not know how to add that using interchange admin.  Would you
> please tell me how to do it?
> I know there is something that we can do using interchange admin, but
> we just do not know about programming.  Please explain it as clear as
> possible.
> I'd really appreciate your help.
> Thank You.
> Freddy

Hi Freddy,

Here is a link to some documentation for using the admin.  It is a
little dated, but most things should still hold true.


You should be able to find most things that you might want to do in
there. More specific to your question above is this link within the
above mentioned documentation:


where it talks about editing existing menus.

Good Luck!


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