[ic] Google Checkout

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 10:46:04 EDT 2007

> >>Are there any open source or available-to-purchase Google Checkout
> >>integrations available for Interchange?
> >
> >Thanks for the reply....
> >
> >Instead of spending the time to do this myself, and/or paying for
> >some custom work, is there any interest in a joint funded project to
> >get some generic Google Cart code into the IC demo framework?
> >Something like the paypalexpress module submitted by  Lyn St George?
> Are you also asking if I would do it? I  looked at this a while
> ago but haven't had the spare time for it. Of course if you
> motivated me sufficiently then the time would be made. Looks
> like about a day or so's work, including all the odd bits of the
> API (notifications of charge backs and so), but I'd do it reasonably
> cheaply if it were donated to Interchange as part of the deal.
> Over to you ....
> >Google cart is offering cost free processing until 2008.
> > >>Process sales for free - Get free credit card processing for all
> >of your Google Checkout sales until 2008, and there are no monthly,
> >setup, or gateway fees.<<

If you fill out this application, Google will set you up with a
referral code and when someone uses it to sign up with Google Checkout
you will get referral fees paid to you:


- Grant

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