[ic] Gift-Certificates

graham hadgraft graham.hadgraft at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 10:35:03 EDT 2007


I am looking for seome help on a new feature we are lloking to place
on a site.  We want a customer to be able to buy a gift certificate,
and this certificate will be emailed to them.  This gift-certificate
will need a unique code, to ensure it is only used once.  This
gift-certificate will not be used to purchase goods online but will be
used in store, so we will use the system to track the codes.

Is there a gift-certificate feature to interchange.  There are a
couple of tables in the database that suggest gift-certificate
features do exist (the pay-cert tables) .  But i cant seem to find any
documentation so have no idea how to implement.

If there are inbuilt gift certificate features built in, can anyone
give me a few pointers on where i should start on implementing this.

I hope that makes sense.

Graham Hadgraft

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