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Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Wed Jun 13 10:59:15 EDT 2007

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007 15:35:03 +0100, graham hadgraft wrote:

>I am looking for seome help on a new feature we are lloking to place
>on a site.  We want a customer to be able to buy a gift certificate,
>and this certificate will be emailed to them.  This gift-certificate
>will need a unique code, to ensure it is only used once.  This
>gift-certificate will not be used to purchase goods online but will be
>used in store, so we will use the system to track the codes.
>Is there a gift-certificate feature to interchange.  There are a
>couple of tables in the database that suggest gift-certificate
>features do exist (the pay-cert tables) .  But i cant seem to find any
>documentation so have no idea how to implement.

Gift certificates work properly in Interchange, but by default
they need entries in the products table with individual SKUs
for each cert and the gift_cert field set true. Then if someone
buys a gift cert it will be automatically recognised in the
basket and enabled for payment at checkout.

>If there are inbuilt gift certificate features built in, can anyone
>give me a few pointers on where i should start on implementing this.

Try creating an item as a gift cert and see what happens.

If you want to give customers the option of setting their own
values then this will not be automatically handled. You need
to setup 'onfly' items plus other alterations. And if you want
to email out a certificate as a printable card then, again, you
need to customise things. 

>I hope that makes sense.
>Graham Hadgraft

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