[ic] Customzing more-list results

Peter Nikolaidis xy at nikolaidis.com
Thu Jun 14 15:32:28 EDT 2007


I am attempting to customize the output of a more-list to give use an 
image as the next/previous markers, and have some custom text with the 
pager number in the middle. Something like

<  Page 2 of 5 >

where the < and > are images and the number 2 represents the current 
page and 5 is the maximum number of pages. I want to leave out the page 
numbers in the results, and replace it with my own text.

Can this be done in ITL? I'm trying something like

            [more_list icon-next.gif icon-prev.gif 0 0]


Peter C. Nikolaidis
Paradigm Consulting Co.

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