[ic] create top navigation automated

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Mon Jun 18 05:07:26 EDT 2007

> hi.
> how can i create an top navigation automated via
> exists html files from the dir pages?
> if its possible to set a special navigation tag via
> the content editor and read this from the html page?

Sounds like something that is not (yet) existing in Interchange, but the
question is a bit unclear to me.

You could write your own usertag which goes through the 'pages' directory
and picks out the content and puts this in a file which you include as your
top navigation. Then you could use cron to generate this file on a regular
basis, or use [timed-build] if you want the creation to be 'controlled' by
the visitors of your website.

In case you do not have the time/skills to write this yourself you could ask
for help/quote on the interchange-biz mailinglist, perhaps someone else can
do the work for you.



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