[ic] An extended shipping tag

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Sat Jun 23 12:35:42 EDT 2007

Hello group

I wish to present more information with [shipping]. I know this is
something out of my league, and I know there is nothing built in for this

So, I wish some advice on how to go about getting this accomplished. I
suspect by a new [shipping-extended] tag, or maybe someone knows a more
manual way that may readily be available.

Basically I want to be able to display something like this:

Shipping Method:

       Method               Processing Time        Shipping Time
() USPS 1st class       1-2 business days      3-7 business days
() USPS Priority          1-2 business days      2-3 business days

Ideally it would be a looping tag so one would be able to control the
output display. I was thinking with my tiny brain, that maybe it could be
as simple as...

usps: USPS 1st class
    crit           [onlyitems]
    min          0
    max         0
    cost         e No shipping needed!
    at_least    0
    adder        0
    extra        "p_time=>1-2 business days, s_time=>3-7 business days,

    min         1
    max         6
    cost         4.00

    min          7
    max         12
    cost         7.00

Where an extra parameter could populate "fields" of any arbitrary name. In
the looping tag, the programmer would them use tags like

[ship-param desc]   [ship-param p_time]  [ship-param s_time]   [ship-param

If what I am asking is too much, eluding to cheaper ideas (hacks) would be
much appreciated.


Paul Jordan

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