[ic] Session always changes after first access

JT Justman jt at signless.com
Sun Jun 24 23:24:00 EDT 2007

Peter wrote:
> I suppose that depends on how the alias works.  I have setups where the
> domain is changed for an alias and it issues the cookie on the aliased
> domain just fine (I just double checked).

Ahh! Seems I'm a victim of CookieDomain. (See below).

>> It may help to post a URL, and the values of CookieDomain / ServerName.
> CookieDomain defaults to the websites current hostname (that it was
> accessed with).  I don't recommend setting it at all unless you have a
> specific reason to.

In the site I do the most work on, there used to be a specific reason,
but now there isn't any more.

Actually there's a side-effect to this. If your link URLs are written to
go back to the ServerName, then your initial session will immediately be
re-created anyway. So whether the initial cookie was accepted or
rejected, it's not going to be retrieved on the next request because it
won't match.

Unless you're doing something to make the resulting URLs use the
canonical name. Not sure if there's a built-in for this.

> This does sound like it could be a cookie problem, though.  I can't say
> for sure without the URL of the site so I can look at it.

Right. I'm sticking with my theory.


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