[ic] Session always changes after first access

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 11:14:30 EDT 2007

> >> I can see from my logs that a visitor's session always changes after
> >> the first page is accessed.  This looks like:
> >>
> >> access1 - session1
> >> access2 - session2
> >> access3 - session2
> >> access4 - session2
> >
> > Can you reproduce it yourself, or is it only something you see on a few
> > visitors? Is it the same regardless of entry page?
> >
> > Also, pay close attention to the vhost the client is actually
> > requesting; if the client connects on an alias domain, the catalog will
> > still issue the cookie on your base domain, and the browser will refuse
> > it until the user clicks a link - which points to the base domain.
> I suppose that depends on how the alias works.  I have setups where the
> domain is changed for an alias and it issues the cookie on the aliased
> domain just fine (I just double checked).
> > It may help to post a URL, and the values of CookieDomain / ServerName.
> CookieDomain defaults to the websites current hostname (that it was
> accessed with).  I don't recommend setting it at all unless you have a
> specific reason to.
> See <http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/icdocs/config/CookieDomain.html>
> This does sound like it could be a cookie problem, though.  I can't say
> for sure without the URL of the site so I can look at it.

Got it.  The problem was that I set a custom cookie at first access
which was apparently colliding with the session cookie in most
people's browsers.  I guess the custom cookie will need to be set at
second access.

I'm having a similar problem where the session changes whenever the
first access results in a [bounce].  My redirects are done in IC in an
autoload, and I thought that must be the problem, but I moved the
redirects all the way to the very end of BOTTOM_TEMPLATE and the
problem persists.  Any ideas on this one?

- Grant

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