[ic] Session always changes after first access

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Mon Jun 25 19:45:41 EDT 2007

On 06/25/2007 04:06 PM, Grant wrote:
>> I'm having a similar problem where the session changes whenever the
>> first access results in a [bounce].  My redirects are done in IC in an
>> autoload, and I thought that must be the problem, but I moved the
>> redirects all the way to the very end of BOTTOM_TEMPLATE and the
>> problem persists.  Any ideas on this one?
>> - Grant
> Is anyone able to keep the same cookie session when the first access
> is a [bounce] such as:
> request: domain.com
> [bounce href="http://www.domain.com" status="301"]
> I really don't think so.  From the behavior I've seen, the cookie is
> not set until after all IC page stuff is done.  Maybe the right thing
> to do is suppress the creation of a session until after the redirects
> have been processed.  I think that could be done by moving the
> redirects to httpd.conf, but is there any way to keep the redirects in
> IC and delay the creation of a session until after the redirects have
> been processed?  When is the session created exactly?

I think (I'm not digging into the code ATM so I don't know for sure)
that the bounce happens afterwards, but it overrides all the buffered
output from anything previous so cookies that were meant to be sent will
get lost.  The best way to keep the session on a bounce is to generate
the bounce link properly with the session ID in the link.

We should have some sort of parameter for bounce that will preserve cookies.


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