[ic] Capture-page and Internal Server error - too many pages?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Mon Jun 25 21:12:31 EDT 2007

interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org wrote:
> Quoting Paul Jordan (paul at gishnetwork.com):
>> IC 5.4, Apache 1.3 (IIRC)
>> My code below generates about 430 pages. If I isolate each
>> capture-page in that script and run it (in the loop as-is), it runs
>> fine generating about 144 files. If I run all three together, I get
>> an Internal Server Error.  My ISE's used to be because I was IF'ing
>> an 09 and I found there is a perl octal confusion there - so, I have
>> since fixed these (going about them in a completely different way).
>> However when I run all three as below I still get an ISE however
>> with no more errors logging. 
> No way to tell from what you tell us. If I was pressed to
> guess, I would
> say it is an out-of-memory error or something.
> But you need to find out what problem you are having. A "500 error" is
> not enought info.

Original post:

Basically, the code outputs (via three capture tags) about 430 pages. If I
comment one capture tag out (any one, it does not matter) everything runs
fine. If all three run, my browser returns a 500 error, and I get this in
the apache log:

[Mon Jun 25 16:28:20 2007] [error] [client] malformed header
from script. Bad header=PAGE=se1/nav_frame&VIEWPAGE=se:
[Mon Jun 25 16:28:20 2007] [error] [client] Malformed header
returned by Interchange:

.....	[snip about 2/3 repeated]    ..........

Since it does not matter which capture page I comment out, I suspect it is
an issue with creating too many files. Commenting any one capture out
creates 288 files, leaving all in creates 432 pages. All 432 pages only
total 1.1MB.

Even with the 500 error, all files get created fine (I believe). I just
felt I should try to fix the 500 error incase things really are not fine

Lastly, I suppose I am using the capture tag incorrectly by trying to
instantly produce an entire website, however is it necessary for the
capture tags to produce output to the page? Obviously, the file=""
parameter is *making* a file for me, but using the capture tag also returns
the created page to my browser - so in my particular circumstance, I am
getting a page with 432 pages on it - doh!

I am using the hide=1 paramter but does not help.



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