[ic] Lookup_query for E-mail addresses

Bill Carr bill at worldwideimpact.com
Thu Jun 28 15:23:18 EDT 2007

On Jun 28, 2007, at 2:53 PM, Bill Carr wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using the table_editor and one of my widgets allows the user to  
> select an e-mail address like using the following format:
> 	Bill Carr <bill at bottlenose-wine.com>
> I'm using the select widget.
> My lookup_query is like this:
> 	SELECT CONCAT(CONCAT_WS(' ',fname,lname),'  
> &lt;',user,'@',domain,'>') FROM users u WHERE domain='__STOREID__'
> Problem is lookup_query does not like the ';'. It thinks I'm  
> sending more then one lookup query. If I replace '&lt;' with '<' I  
> can't see the e-mail address in the select widget. I only see the  
> name. If  use '&#60' the widget looks good but '&lt;' is what is  
> stored in my DB and the current choice is not selected for existing  
> values.
> Any ideas of how I can use lookup_query for building a select  
> widget for e-mail addresses of the form "Bill Carr <bill at bottlenose- 
> wine.com>"?
Sorry for replying to my own post but I just thought we don't really  
need to set multiple queries in lookup_query. Couldn't we accomplish  
the same thing with UNION?

Bill Carr

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