[ic] Paypal Module Debugging

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Fri Mar 2 08:44:15 EST 2007

> >1) The "pptransactionid", "pprefundtransactionid" and
> >"ppcorrelationid" don't seem to be populating in the transaction
> >table. Should they?
>They do, though the refund one is obviously not logged unless some sort
>of interface is used to do a refund.

In my application, they are not being populated either.

The psp field is being populated, but the other three are not - I 
have not had time to review this but am about ready.

I noticed a little difference in the code supplied on the rtfm site, 
vs Lyns site but neither made a difference - must be something else 
in the logic in log_transaction.

order_id is being properly filled with the credit_card authorization, 
and the paypal id ....


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