[ic] Paypal Module Debugging

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Fri Mar 2 08:58:53 EST 2007

>2) Customers do not receive an email receipt when Paypal Checkout is used.

My email system is working as expected - receiving confirmation & 
cancellation email.

>3) As of right now customers can change the shipping address when they
>leave Paypal and go back to the paypalcheckout.html page. Is it a good
>idea to make this non-editable and only ship to confirmed shipping

Hmmm.....  I'm not allowing it at present. I guess part of Paypal's 
uniqueness is that the ship-to address has been verified as a 
legitimate address - shouldn't even need to be validated. I think if 
they want to ship to a different address - they can use the standard 
credit card payments system..... Just my opinion....


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