[ic] Interchange and video.

taiwo taiwo.adeniji at virgin.net
Tue Mar 6 11:58:26 EST 2007

I am very interested in using Interchange as an e-commerce platform with 
which to sell products and services.
I have set up several e-commerce sites using Actinic software(British 
e-commerce package for windows), which worked, but took some time to 
configure. The program is fairly standardized and I'm now looking with a 
lot more configurabiltiy as well as future scalability.
I am looking to set up a video website using GNU/linux technology. I 
want to allows users to see preview clips, then be able to buy and 
download movies.
Can I set up Interchange to be able to receive payments and then send 
the user the correct movie file after payment?

I do not know that much about the hardware I require, I know I'll need 
to set up a server and that it needs a fast connection to the Internet- 
Am I'm I best suited to a setup that is handled by a hosted service with 
an ISP or can I do the whole thing with a bit of leg work on my part. 
I'm more a less a newbie when it comes to GNU/Linux.
I have played around with Linux a few times and like it without knowing 
totally if I can make it do what I want. But I'm eager to learn.

I look forward to hearing how Interchange can help me, thanks for your help.

Kind regards.

Taiwo Adeniji.

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