[ic] Interchange and video.

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Tue Mar 6 13:33:48 EST 2007

taiwo <taiwo.adeniji at virgin.net> wrote:
> I am very interested in using Interchange as an e-commerce platform with 
> which to sell products and services.
> I have set up several e-commerce sites using Actinic software(British 
> e-commerce package for windows), which worked, but took some time to 
> configure. The program is fairly standardized and I'm now looking with a 
> lot more configurabiltiy as well as future scalability.
> I am looking to set up a video website using GNU/linux technology. I 
> want to allows users to see preview clips, then be able to buy and 
> download movies.
> Can I set up Interchange to be able to receive payments and then send 
> the user the correct movie file after payment?
You can do all of the above.  You could provide your users with a page
listing all of the files they have paid for, with download links etc.

There are several ways in which you could provide the same service,
including an immediate download (without the listing page), or delivery
via email.  Whatever you need.

> I do not know that much about the hardware I require, I know I'll need 
> to set up a server and that it needs a fast connection to the Internet- 
> Am I'm I best suited to a setup that is handled by a hosted service with 
> an ISP or can I do the whole thing with a bit of leg work on my part. 
> I'm more a less a newbie when it comes to GNU/Linux.
> I have played around with Linux a few times and like it without knowing 
> totally if I can make it do what I want. But I'm eager to learn.
Your hardware requirements will depend upon the number of visitors you
anticipate, along with the "weight" of the features you need on your
website.  You could start with a reasonably modest setup and use that
to judge what you need as your user numbers increase.  The initial
machine could then become a development box, allowing you to test
changes and new features before you put them live.

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