[ic] get_password multiple email "one per account"

David Bordas bordas at testadaz.com
Wed Mar 7 11:47:55 EST 2007


I'm trying to make lost password process easier for our customers.
I've made some changes on lost_password.html page, all is ok for now 

Now, i've only got a problem, if someone has got more than one account 
with the same email, get_password.html will return an error.
This code cause this :
[if value mv_search_match_count > 1]
More than one answer... <a href="[area lost_password]" 
class="bleunormal">Retentez ?</a>
[set get_id_matches][/set]

I've tried to remove it, but now nothing happens is someone have got 
several accounts.
I hoped that [loop arg="[scratch get_id_matches]"] will "loop" and send 
an email per account, but this is not the case :(
get_id_matches seems to be like "username1username2", all attached and 
so loop is not working properly.

Did someone do something like this before ?
I think i should find a way to "split" get_id_matches into a several 
variables, or perhaps should i look to [set 
get_id_matches][search-list][if-item-data userdb 
email][item-code][/if-item-data][/search-list][/set] ?

Any clue ?


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