[ic] DBI Connect errors

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Mar 7 13:52:23 EST 2007

> >        Latest version available: 1.53
> >        Latest version installed: 1.53
> >
> >
>It seems as if you are using the masked (testing) version, from Gentoo
>Portage, rather than the stable version, for some reason or other.  The
>latest stable version in Portage is 1.50.  Try that version and see if
>the problem goes away.
>Check your "/etc/portage/package.keywords" file to see whether you have
>a "~x86" mask against "dev-perl/DBI".  If you have then remove it and
>re-emerge the package.

It appears that my DBI connect errors and other associated 
Authorizenet errors were related to not having TRAFFIC mode set correctly.

As I found in a few older posts. I set my traffic to HIGH, and 
maxservers to 0 and all is working great now (3 hours & counting).


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