[ic] DBI Connect errors

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Thu Mar 8 09:25:40 EST 2007

>It appears that my DBI connect errors and other associated 
>Authorizenet errors were related to not having TRAFFIC mode set correctly.
>As I found in a few older posts. I set my traffic to HIGH, and 
>maxservers to 0 and all is working great now (3 hours & counting).

Note for the records:

Version IC 5.4.x

After setting to HIGH I noticed a few hammered pids appearing in the 
error logs.....
hammered PID 27106 running 120 seconds
I think the following was causing the error:
nsession: - [07/March/2007:13:29:23 -0600] catname 
/misc/directories/+ tprepend + l[ top_PAGE ] + Security violation -- 
scripting character in page name 'mfg/xxx/+ tprepend + l[ top_PAGE ] 
snip......... Runtime error: Missing special page: special/violation

I added the page special/violation.html
and the hammered pids disappeared.......

here is what is in violation.html   (any better suggestions?)
Violation - error - incorrect/suspicious data entered for url - 
information is logged to our security files. ip address logged - 
[data session ohost]


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