[ic] Bug in "EITHER" coretag

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Mar 9 18:48:55 EST 2007

On 03/09/2007 03:17 PM, Stefan Hornburg (Racke) wrote:
> Peter wrote:
>> On 03/09/2007 11:26 AM, Stefan Hornburg wrote:
>>> Carl Bailey wrote:
>>>> We found what we believe to be a fault in the [either] coretag.
>>>> We used the following code on a page:
>>>>    [either][cgi idxnum][or]0[/either]
>>>> When the cgi value is absent this tag returns nothing -- a null
>>>> string, rather than the desired '0' character.
>>>> The reason for this is that the either coretag splits its body on
>>>> "[or]" and interpolates each chunk in turn, removes leading and
>>>> trailing spaces from the result and returns the first "true" result.
>>>> However in determining what to return, it uses the statement "return
>>>> $result if $result;"  Obviously when $result = '0', this fails to
>>>> return anything.  
>>> Therefore the last statement in the tag should be:
>>> return $result if $result =~ /\S/;
>> So what if the first result is "0"?  it would still return it.
> I said the last statement in the tag, not the return within the loop.
>> And I don't think this addresses the problem that was originally stated
>> either.
>> return $result if $result is the right way to do it, but there needs to
>> be a way to return the last result in the loop if all tests fail.
> See above.

Actually I think this may work best:

sub {
        my ($notrim, $body) = @_;
        my @ary = split /\[or\]/, $body;
        my $result;
        while(@ary) {
                $result = interpolate_html(shift @ary);
                unless ($notrim) {
                    $result =~ s/^\s+//;
                    $result =~ s/\s+$//;
                return $result if $result;
        return $result;

There's no need to check the last return value, just return it regardless.


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