[ic] get_password multiple email "one per account"

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Mon Mar 12 07:10:23 EST 2007

On 03/08/2007 04:31 AM, David Bordas wrote:
> Peter a écrit :
>> You need to add a space to the above line  after [item-code] like so:
>> [set get_id_matches][search-list][if-item-data userdb email][item-code]
>> [/if-item-data][/search-list][/set]
>> ...otherwise the next loop will just see it as one long continuous
>> string of characters and try to parse all the IDs as one.
>> Peter
> Thank you Peter, this is working !
> I can't figure out that i've not think to this myself, that was too easy
> i think...

BTW, this is important and something I just remembered from when I did
this myself.  A blank search will match every entry in the db,
therefore, if someone tries to request a password and leaves all of the
criteria blank, IC will send every user in the system their username and
password.  This only happens if you have modified the system to allow
multiple matches when emailing a password.  I know this because I
learned it myself the hard way.  To fix this problem add code similar to
this up near the top of get_password.html:

[comment]Avoid empty searchspec[/comment]
[bounce href="[area login]" if=`!$CGI_array->{mv_searchspec}->[1]`]

Note that this code will probably break for you.  It works for me
because I modified the password retrieval to only use the email address.
 You will likely need to check more than one variable.


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