[ic] Pragma no_white working?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 16:04:11 EST 2007

> > > I don't understand? They are normal programs that, if you'd want them,
> > > you'd install on the IC server machine, and the client browsers would
> > > get the finished page as usual, without knowing about it.
> >
> > How do those programs clean up the code that is delivered after IC
> > processes it if they don't relate to apache?
> Well, what I said upon first mentioning this possibility:
> "One other thing you could do is put all pages through HTMLTidy
> or indent to fix/reformat them before sending to user. This
> functionality (passing data through external program) is not working
> since a few years ago (and obviously noone was using it), but the fix is
> on my todo list."
> So, clearly, there are hooks in Interchange which allow it to call
> external programs which process the output before it is sent to the
> clients.

Ok that sounds cool.  Is fixing those hooks at all near the top of your list?

- Grant

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