[ic] Interchange::Link updates

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 12:08:11 EST 2007

Hello, changing the following line in Interchange::Link:

push @out, $_;


push @out, $_ unless /^\s*$/;

results in no blank lines in the delivered code.  This is great for me
because I don't use textarea at all.  I suppose a configuration option
that selects between one of the two above lines would be best.

Also, the latest version of Interchange::Link still includes the following line:

$SIG{PIPE} = sub { die_page($r); };

Removing that line immediately solved a problem I was having with
Interchange::Link where requests would periodically fail.  The problem
and solution are outlined here:


I realize that removing that line isn't a perfect solution, but it is
much better than failed page requests.

- Grant

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