[ic] Re: Interchange 5.4.2 released

Toni Mueller support-ic at oeko.net
Sat Mar 17 18:03:47 EST 2007

Hi Kevin,

On Sat, 17.03.2007 at 22:44:25 +0000, Kevin Walsh <kevin at cursor.biz> wrote:
> Toni Mueller <support-ic at oeko.net> wrote:
> > thank you for your patch. I'll try to check it out ASAP.

I've implemented the patch, but didn't reboot the server yet.

> Ok.  Also check the method used to start Interchange when the server
> starts.  I.e. check the content of your Interchange init script against
> what you type when you (re)start Interchange manually.

I cooked up a sysV init style script that I use both at system startup
and when manually starting the server, so it must be something else. I
already looked at my environment, but couldn't find an indication

> Not at the moment.  Let's just say that I'm not about to become a paid up
> member of the BSD fan club any time soon. :-)

PM welcome!


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