[ic] Help needed with multiple checkout pages

JT Justman jt at signless.com
Fri Mar 23 15:19:14 EST 2007

Christopher P. Lindsey wrote:
>    What's really confusing to me is error handling.  It looks like
>    minivend now wants to display errors based on etc/profiles.order
>    entries, but I'm really not keen on errors being displayed in a
>    separate page.  I'd rather redisplay the form with the errors 
>    displayed on the same page, but I can't figure it out.  The old
>    checkout_profile stuff doesn't seem to work any more.

How the errors are displayed is completely configurable. When an error
is encountered, Interchange should return the user to the page specified
with &fail, or the page specified in mv_failpage / mv_nextpage. Do not
set &fatal, this may be what is sending you to the error page.

__NAME__ my_co_profile

Then you can use ITL in your_co_page to process the errors however you like:

[if type=explicit compare="[error all=1 show_var=1 keep=1]"]
  <B>There were errors in your last submission:<br>
    <font color="RED">
      [error all=1 keep=1 show_error=1 show_label=1 joiner="<br>"]

You can see a lot more (and more modern) examples of this in the demo

The 'old' docs can be useful for this:




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