[ic] Interchange UPS Zone file change and update

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Tue May 1 21:36:41 EDT 2007

>Just woundering if anyone has seen this issue before and if any input
>could be provided.
>Thanks much in advance

What does your shipping.asc file look like?

I define my internal lookup like this: ( i like this format better - 
easier for me to follow)

pm:     Priority Mail
         crit                    weight
         at_least                4
         adder                   2
         ups                             1
         zone                    760ps
         PriceDivide             1
         table                   Priority
         aggregate               40
         ui_ship_type    UPSI
         min                             0
         max                             0
         cost                    e No shipping needed!

         min                             0
         max                             70
         cost                    u

         min                             70
         max                             9999999
         cost                    e Too heavy for Priority Mail


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