[ic] Interchange UPS Zone file change and update

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Thu May 3 09:02:32 EDT 2007

>Hi Steve,  Thanks much for the reply.   Here is my shipping.asc file
>We have played with changing the 450 setting to try and get it to point to
>our 920 file. Your thoughts are greatly apreciated.
>free_or_upsg:   UPS Ground
>         crit    [subtotal noformat=1]

How does your database declarations look in catalog.cfg ?

here are a few of mine.... notice the default directory - maybe.....

Shipping   Postal     default_geo   76021
Shipping   QueryUPS   default_geo   04175
Shipping   default    dir           products/ship

Database   2ndDayAir        ship/2ndDayAir.csv         CSV
Database   2ndDayAirAM      ship/2ndDayAirAM.csv       CSV
Database   3DaySelect       ship/3DaySelect.csv        CSV
Database   Expedited        ship/Expedited.csv         CSV
Database   Express          ship/Express.csv           CSV
Database   Ground           ship/Ground.csv            CSV
Database   NextDayAir       ship/NextDayAir.csv        CSV
Database   NextDayAirSaver  ship/NextDayAirSaver.csv   CSV
Database   Xarea            ship/Xarea.csv             CSV
Database   Zone             ship/Zone.csv              CSV
Database   usps             ship/usps.txt              TAB

It has to be related to either catalog.cfg or the zone file.... 
always apply changes, or restart IC after you change either shipping, 
or catalog.cfg files....

I haven't followed the entire exchange you have been having, so 
hopefully I'm not covering the same suggestions...


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