[ic] images not uploading via UI

Aaron Berg ir.gath at gmail.com
Thu May 3 13:13:16 EDT 2007

On 5/3/07, mail <lists at gmnet.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I know I'm seen this before, and I tried to look it up, but I can't seem
> to get my product images to upload via the admin UI in the products
> area.  I have the products table set to upload images 'yes' and there is
> nothing at all in the error logs.  I have the permissions set to g+w,
> and the owner is the images file is webuser.interch and the webuser is
> in the interch group...  There are no "permissions" errors in the log.
> thanks
> Rick

Hi Rick,

Are you using the file upload widget with IE7?  If so, IE7 sets the
mime type on all jpegs to progressive jpeg which doesn't work with the
file upload widget.  The image upload widget works though.

More details about your setup would help track this one down.


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