[ic] Interchange UPS Zone file change and update

Curt Hauge ic_support at mnwebdesign.com
Sat May 5 00:01:06 EDT 2007

grasberry at razcon.com wrote:
>> Thanks much for the follow up, I realize that you did not catch the
>>> earlyer data, so I have included some below.
>>> The Menu option I have been looking at is in
>>> Administration->Commerce->Shipping->"upsg:" UPS Ground" -> Edit
>>> Method -> UPS Zone chart - >450 is the only option not 910 etc.
>>> We are using a basic setup Mysql as installed by the installer
>>> scripts etc.
>>> R,
>>> Greg
>> Ah.... I have never used that specific menu..... for kicks try
>> copying your zone file 910.csv into the main products directory.....
>> and apply changes.
>> -Steve
> Thaks Steve,  yes we did that, also did a server restart as well.
> I even just replaced the 450.csv with the 910.csv but no change.
> Maybe it has to do with those Cached settings that we see in the
> config file for UPS. I do not know where the system is getting the
> data from? Looks like it is using a cached are vice a CSV?

Did you set the UPS_ORIGIN in variables.txt? What is the exact problem/error
you are having? Is there a entry in the error log? You will get more help
with more information.

Curt Hauge

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