[ic] I can't seem to create new products and inventory tables...

Aaron Berg ir.gath at gmail.com
Wed May 9 13:34:52 EDT 2007

> I'm not a big database person, I don't really know how to do that or
> where to look.  I am using mysql v 3.23.58, and I mostly use phpMyAdmin
> 2.4.0 as an interface.  Is there an easy way to do that via command
> prompt?
> I know that my database software is a bit old, but I am using IC 5.4.2
> It seems really strange that I can't set these tables. they are very
> simple and I have checked my syntax pretty good. I hope that it is
> simple and I just have some bas syntax there...
> Thanks
> Rick

If you put this:
info your mysql config file all queries will be logged to the file you

You will be able to see exactly what query interchange is executing,
then you can try that exact query in phpMyAdmin to see the exact error
message from the DB.  I've had to do that a couple times to get things
like this sorted out.

Another thing I've run into that caused problems like this was having
a null character at the start of the txt file.  I don't know how it
got there, but I had to use a hex editor to remove it. That bad
character offset all the column names in the txt file by one in a way
that you can't see in a text editor.


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