[ic] URL for menu items

Wes Faul wes.faul at gmail.com
Wed May 9 17:19:43 EDT 2007

I have copied a catalog from the live webserver to a test server and
have run across a problem.  I assume I missed copying a file
somewhere.  On the live site, the menu items produce a different URL
than on the test site - there are extra parameters in the URL for the
menu's that don't exist on the test site.  Unfortunately, the original
developer is not available, and this is my first experience with
Interchange (or Perl, although i have experience with a few different
languages).  Where do I modify the URL for the menu items?
>From poking around, I found the appropriate menu component in
Inside that file, there's a loop where it builds the menu.  Here's a
little snippet of the code:
<A HREF="$URL$$EXPAND$" class="leftNavTextBold" >

My guess is that I need to modify $URL$ or $EXPAND$ with the
appropriate parameters, but how do I do that?

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