[ic] Heads up about a security flaw with UPS's new Delivery Intercept service

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Fri May 11 00:16:59 EDT 2007

>So be on the lookout for multiple legitimate orders being placed from
>the same IP address. We're just a small company and this happened to us,
>so it might be happening everywhere.
>Thank you for your time. Sorry to be off topic for this group but I felt
>it was best to get this info out there to help other online merchants
>protect themselves.
>Louie Martinez
>Systems Administrator

Have you reviewed the transaction data at your credit card processor? 
Do you have many transactions being declined, or tested for address 
zip code matches?

I just posted some code about 1-2 weeks ago that blocks multiple 
credit card attempts by bogus customers - nipped our problem in the 
bud - thanks for the heads up....


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