[ic] MAP Pricing and results_grid

Lisa Collins lisa at ultimatepassage.com
Wed May 16 14:26:28 EDT 2007

Please forgive my total lack of Perl knowledge but I need to figure out 
how to change the results_grid.

I have some products which require I show a MAP (Minimum Advertised 
Price) but once the buyer adds it to the shopping cart, it displays my 
Actual Selling Price. (it's stupid, but rules of certain manufacturers).

I have a field named 'map_price' in my products.txt.

On the results_grid, I am simply at a loss on how to do something like 
this, in perl:

(this works flawlessly on my flypage)

[if-item-field map_price]
    <td align="center">M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised 
Price):&nbsp;[item-field map_price]
    <br><b>Click "ADD TO CART" For<br>OUR SELLING PRICE!</b></td>
              my $q = q{[item-field price]};
              if($q > 0) {
                 return <<EOF;
                 <td align="center"><big><b><font color="#ff0000">OUR 
PRICE:</font></b><b>[item-field price]

In the perl template results_grid, what do I need to add (I plead with 
you to be Specific.  Pretty-please!) to show, "Add to Cart for Our 
Price" IF a map_price is present ELSE price??

I've tried so many different things that my head is spinning.



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