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Wed May 16 16:11:19 EDT 2007

Kathleen Lee writes: 

> Hi, 
> We have a website that use interchange.  We are trying to send a mass email
> to our customers.
> When I click on the mailing list button on the customer link on our
> interchange, I do not see the send button at the bottom of the page.  What I
> see at the bottom of the page are preview email button, download mail batch
> button, and one message in parenthesis (too many matches to send directly).
> I saw the demo of interchange user and it has the send button on mailing
> list.
> We use interchange 5.0.0. that was upgraded from old interchange.
> How come I do not have the send button?  How do I create the send button? Is
> it easy to create the send button?  Is there an easy way to send mass email
> without using interchange? Please help. 
> Thank you very much.

in your interchange application root is a file:

this page has an 'if' statement which checks the amount of people that would 
be receiving the mailing and if it's more than your setting of
MAILING_MAX_DIRECT  (and if this is not set, more than 50) then it will show 
you the message "(too many matches to send directly)" 

If you are using the IC admin you can change the MAILING_MAX_DIRECT this 
 - login to admin
 - click 'Administration' tab
 - click 'Mailings'
 - change the preference value
 - click 'Ok'
 - click 'Apply changes' 

that should do the trick .. And if the variable does not exist you will have 
to create it. 

I have never used the mailing functionality of IC, and if you haven't either 
I'd suggest you first do some tests instead of attempting a first mailing 
blast to thousands of people. 



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