[ic] auto create user on checkout

jimbo jimbo at soundimages.co.uk
Fri May 18 09:06:43 EDT 2007

>> [userdb
>> 	function=new_account
>> 	assign_username=1
>> 	password='[value zip]'
>> 	verify='[value zip]'
>> ]

>> Since these values are empty they (fname, lname, etc) are not saved to
>> userdb or transactions.

>> Any ideas what could cause [value fname] to be populated before
>> this line, empty after this line, and show up properly in the
>> report and receipt files?

> I haven't come across this, but the solution might be to add
> no_login=1 to the [userdb] parameters.  This, in theory, should
> prevent the tag from logging the user into his new account and
> reading his (blank) userdb row.

> I haven't tried it, by the way - I'm just reading the source.

I too had this problem crop up. I found that setting no_login=1 didn't 
help as later in log_transaction [userdb save] was called, and failed as 
no user was logged in.

To resolve this problem I add [update values] immediately after the 
[userdb new_account ...]. This repopulated the now empty $Values (as a 
result of the autologin) with the submitted $CGI values. This solved the 
problem in my case.


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