[ic] FedEx DirectConnect shipping integration still available?

Brian Hefferan brianhef at heftone.com
Wed May 23 15:04:28 EDT 2007

I'm having success using  the Business::FedEx::DirectConnect perl
module for test transactions using our registered FedEx account, and
I'm ready to start integrating it with our Interchange (5.4.2) test
installation. I notice that Chris Wenham had  working Fedex
interchange tag (called fedex_sm_ship, apparently) available for
download a few years back, but all the links I find to it have gone

Does any have a copy of the old fedex tag or other relevant code I
could see/use? I'm about to code something from scratch, but I'd
rather recycle some past effort.

Brian Hefferan
Elderly  Instruments

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